International Nanny Boutique Nanny Agency is the leading International Nanny Agency for Worldwide nannies. We are the leading International specialist English nanny agency in London placing nannies Overseas in the Middle East, Europe, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Kuwait, Doha, Monaco, Al Maty, Tashkent, Vienna, Casablanca, Munich, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cairo, Muscat, Bahrain, Erbil, and the UAE. International Nanny Boutique agency offers English Nannies, British Nannies, Australian nannies, New Zealander Nannies, French nannies, Spanish nannies, German nannies, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Arabic, Mandarin, and South African Nannies and Governesses Overseas for VIP clients and Royal families in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Dubai, Riyadh, Al Ain, Fujairah, Doha, Qatar, Cairo, Bahrain, Muscat, Oman, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Geneva, Paris, Monaco, Barbados, Vienna, Moscow, Al Maty, Baku, Cayman Islands, Casablanca, Morocco, Singapore, and Worldwide. We are an English International Nanny agency for Worldwide nannies, our staff speak English, French, Russian, and Arabic.

We strive to offer a professional and personal service tailored to your needs. We have a huge selection of experienced British Nannies, English Nannies, French Nannies, Spanish Nannies, German nannies, and Australian nannies the majority of whom hold Nursery or Childcare qualifications.

We have a large selection of experienced English, Australian, New zealander, Spanish, French, South african, Arabic, German, Mandarin and European Nannies. Our nannies are highly experienced and the majority have a minimum of Four year’s work experience as a nanny or nursery teacher the majority hold childcare/teaching qualifications.

How We Work:

All Nannies undergo a thorough interview process and references from previous employers are checked, Certificates, qualifications and police/DBS checks are all requested.

During the interview candidates are asked about their education, previous employment history, discipline, their reasons for having chosen to become a nanny, cultural differences and the working hours they are comfortable with. We suggest roles to the nanny and only put forward candidates to roles where we believe they match the family.

Why International Nanny Boutique Nanny Agency?

  • We listen and aim to fulfill your expectations and aim to provide you with professional, experienced nannies that match your needs, who are willing to commit long term to the job.
  • We also offer a 6-month free nanny replacement.
  • Confidentiality is of utmost importance. The majority of our clients come back to us due to satisfaction with our service.
  • We are here to help even after the placement is complete if there are any issues.

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Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Muscat, Paris, Amman, Jeddah, Istanbul, Turkey, Ankara, Munich, Sydney, Australia, Madrid, Marbella, Russia, Baku, Vienna, Cairo, Jordan, Cayman Islands, Milan, Rome, Los Angeles, USA, Thailand, New York, Malaysia, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Caribbean, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Austria, Ukraine, Munich, Casablanca, Morocco, Hong Kong, Azberjan, Singapore, New Zealand, Kuwait, Bahrain and the rest of the world.

International Nanny Boutique English Nanny Agency provides English, French and Spanish Nannies to the following countries:

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Europe, Abu dhabi, Kuwait, Sharjah, Dubai , Riyadh, Switzerland, Norway, Athens, Jeddah, Alexandria, Madrid, Sydney, Ajman, Bahamas, Bahrain, Brussels, New Zealand, Bermuda, Caribbean, Cayman Islands, Toronto, Cairo, Paris, Geneva, Monaco, Moscow, Al Maty, China, Al Ain, Casablanca, Al Maty, Baku, India, Doha, Kiev, France, Lugano , Mumbai, Munich, Vienna, Puerto Banus, Saint Tropez, Netherlands, Istanbul, Kaliningrad , Fujairah, Greece, Italy, Istanbul, Jordan, Luxemburg, Mexico, New York, Tokyo, Ras al-Khaimah, Marbella, Ankara, Jordan, Russia, Qatar, Lisbon, Doha , Jerusalem, Rome, Tallinn, Cyprus, Zagreb, Hong Kong, Beijing, St Petersburg, Middle East, Turkey, Bodrum, Umm al-Quwain, Berlin, Beirut, Madrid, Rabat , Bangkok Washington D.C, Bodrum, Stockholm, Kazan, Singapore, Tashkent, Hanoi, London, Slovenia, Tunis, Ljubljana, Dakar, Shanghai, Zurich, Fujarah, Ajman, Gstaad, Seoul, Kuwait, Astana, Kazakhstan, Male, Amsterdam, Wellington, Muscat, Los Angeles, Oslo, Worldwide ...

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